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Tournament Tips

New to club volleyball?  Here are some tips to help you feel at home at your first tournament.

– get a good night’s sleep the night before!
– if you missed the last practice before the first tournament and didn’t get your uniform yet don’t worry, your coach will have it
– check our website the night before for any last minute updates on start time (the main update is when we receive a schedule from the host club and find out when your first game is)
– the “entry time” is the time when door are due to open, please arrive around that time (not earlier) if you’re scheduled to play or work the first round.  The typical tournament format will have you play in a pool with 3 other teams (playing 2 sets against each team). Depending on how you’ll do, you may have playoffs after that. You’ll normally be done for the day between 2p and 4p depending on whether you make the playoffs and how you do there.
– teams will officiate as well as play. It’s your duty to work any matches after your team is done playing for the day. You may not leave early and skip a work assignment (if you were going to be there to play, you must stay to work as well).
– bring a whistle if you have one, I encourage everyone to take a turn reffing this season
– visit and visit the Junior ref training page and look at some of the materials.
– bring food with you, not all sites have concessions (actually most don’t)
– bring a portable chair too (worst case is that leave it in the trunk)
– you’re there to both learn and have fun. Try some new things and work on being aggressive to the ball.
– the premiere skill in volleyball is “reading”. That means figuring out where the other team is hitting it. Pay attention to every player (both on the other side and your side) when they are hitting the ball and try to figure out where it’s going next.

Here are a few tips for our parents too!
– Remember that you’re there as a spectator (the kids are doing all the hard work at the tournament). Be encouraging to them, their teammates and even players on the other team. It’ll make it a more enjoyable day for everyone.
– Encourage your son or daughter to hang out and get to know her teammates during the day (sometimes the kids sit with their parents all day vs. socialize and work on their bond with the other players)
– In many levels the players will do all the reffing. Make sure to treat the players on the work team the same way that you want other parents to treat your daughter. Absolutely the kids reffing will make some mistakes, it’s part of the process.
– if for any reason you feel the scoreboard is incorrect, there’s no reason to point it out to the work team. The scoreboard is unofficial and can get out of sync with the official scorebook. The coaches pay attention and will get it corrected (or it may have been incorrect in the first place and had been corrected by the work team which made you think someone lost/gained a point when they shouldn’t have).
– Be respectful of the facility, that means keep your area clean at all times during the day, clean up when we’re done, park responsibly and follow all other rules the facility. Playing locations are hard to come by and the region never wants to lose one over a team mistreating the gym.