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Regional List 2020

Regional Team List

Here's the initial regional team list. Please read the first few paragraphs carefully.

This list is in alphabetical order (you can do a "ctrl-F" and type your name to find more quickly).

If you can't find your name, your name is listed twice or another major error please fill out this form so that we can fix it.  Please don't email as it'll be more difficult to track and fix changes.

It's possible that in doing some trades behind the scenes that we may have moved some players to a team that practices at a time they couldn't make (or broke a carpool in making another). 

We accommodated as many carpools requests as possible in advance. We can attempt additional carpool requests on site this Sunday. If you are at the same time as someone that you want to carpool with just fill out the form above and we'll work on fixing it Sunday if possible.

Please keep in mind that teams are formed with a certain number of players by position (and very roughly by skill level). 

First team practices are Sunday, 1/5. Times are listed below. Ideally this is a permanent practice time but we may switch a few teams if needed.

15 Montana 1p-3p

15 Nebraska 1p-3p

15 Nevada 1p-3p

15 New Hampshire 3p-5p

15 New Jersey 3p-5p

15 New Mexico 3p-5p

15 Maine 1p-3p

15 Maryland 1p-3p

15 Massachusetts 1p-3p

15 Michigan 1p-3p

15 Minnesota 1p-3p

15 Mississippi 1p-3p

16 Indiana 11a-1p

16 Iowa 11a-1p

16 Kansas 11a-1p

16 Kentucky 11a-1p

16 Louisiana 11a-1p

16 Florida 9a-11a

16 Georgia 9a-11a

16 Hawaii 9a-11a

16 Idaho 11a-1p

16 Illinois 11a-1p

18 Delaware 9a-11a

18 Alabama 9a-11a

18 Alaska 9a-11a

18 Arizona 11a-1p

18 Arkansas 11a-1p

18 California 11a-1p

18 Colorado 9a-11a

18 Connecticut 9a-11a

Middle School 3p-5p (teams not made yet)


A few notes on team names:

  • teams starting with "18" may be changed to "17" if they are all juniors
  • 15 = freshmen (must be 15 or younger on 9/1/20)
    16 = sophomores (must be 16 or younger on 9/1/20)
    18 = juniors/seniors
  • If a player is old in their grade (for example, a sophomore that turns 17 on 8/31/20) they must play in the next oldest age division. Please fill out the form above to report any "out of age" concerns that we may have missed.

Initial team names and practice times are listed below. Teams will need to choose their team name by the 3rd practice!

Liana Abedon 18 Connecticut
Sole Agulla 15 Michigan
Amanda Aldrich  Middle School
Tiara Allen 15 Nevada
Carolyn Alquist 18 Arizona
Gabriella Anderson  Middle School
Kayla Andrade 18 Colorado
Ava Andrews 16 Louisiana
Joy Armstrong 16 Hawaii
Rori Arnold 16 Florida
Ava Aube  Middle School
Hannah Auddino 16 Hawaii
Holiday Awe 16 Florida
Taylor Bachman 18 Arkansas
Paige Baillargeon 15 Maryland
Ysabel Baker 18 Colorado
Zoe Balkan 18 Alaska
Emily Ball 18 Arizona
Megan Ball 15 Maine
Francesca Bambara 16 Florida
Giselle Banhon  Middle School
Lorin Barbera-Hwang  Middle School
Samantha Bassell 18 Alabama
Eliza Bean  Middle School
Megan Beaudry 15 Massachusetts
Camden Becker 15 Maryland
Lauren Belanger 15 Montana
Chloe Benson  Middle School
Brigid Bernoski 15 Maine
Katelyn Beynor 15 New Jersey
Skyler Blackinton 18 California
Isabella Blechner 18 Colorado
Marissa Blonsky-Ayers  Middle School
Anna Bocchino 16 Kentucky
Sarah Bochan 16 Hawaii
Delaney Boone 18 Alabama
Julia Borrelli 16 Illinois
Audrey Bowen 15 Maine
Abigail Boyer 16 Idaho
Danielle Brendline 15 Michigan
Mackenzie Breton 16 Iowa
Lily Broderick  Middle School
turner brode  15 Maine
patrice broughton 15 Montana
Kalia Brown 18 Alabama
chloe bubloski 16 Hawaii
Cassie Buccelli 15 Minnesota
Betsy Buchanan 16 Florida
Nina Buczynski 15 Minnesota
Riley Burch 15 Massachusetts
Jessica Burgeson 15 Maine
Molly Busch 15 New Hampshire
Grace Bush 15 Maryland
Danielle Caminiti 16 Indiana
Skyler Caparas 15 Maryland
Grace Caporaso 15 Michigan
Alexandra Carlson 16 Kansas
Desaraena Carr 18 Delaware
Emilie Carroll 15 Minnesota
morgan carter 16 Iowa
Mackenzie Caruso 16 Hawaii
Edith Casellini 15 Nebraska
Sarah Cerone 18 Colorado
Priyanshi Chakravorty 16 Iowa
Morgan Chambers 18 California
Natalie Chin 16 Kansas
Emma Chipps 15 New Hampshire
Michelle Chiu 15 New Hampshire
Allison Christensen 15 Montana
Emily Clark 15 Mississippi
Emma Clausen  Middle School
Emerald Cole  Middle School
Lily Collies  Middle School
Breanna Colonese-DiBello 16 Iowa
Amber Comfry 16 Idaho
Mya Conlon 15 Maine
Molly Corcoran 18 Alabama
Sylvia Cosin 15 Michigan
Emily Cote 15 Nebraska
Hannah Council 15 Michigan
Claire Counter 15 New Hampshire
Sara Crowell 18 Connecticut
Kiley Cullen 16 Indiana
Anna Czerkiewicz 18 Colorado
maeve dabney 18 Alaska
Vanessa Daley 16 Louisiana
Siena Dansereau  Middle School
Briana Dastoli 18 Colorado
Abigail Davis 18 Connecticut
Courtney Davis 18 Connecticut
Molly Davis 18 Delaware
Alexis Dean 18 Arkansas
Cassandra Dean 18 Arkansas
Kaitlyn Dempsky 15 Mississippi
Ellie DeSantos 18 California
Josephine Desmarais  Middle School
Jenna Devin 15 Nevada
Melissa Dias  Middle School
Salem Didato 15 Mississippi
Kadence Dietz 15 Massachusetts
Jordan Dion 16 Idaho
Erin Donahue 16 Illinois
Sierra Doughty 16 Kansas
Kyla Doyle 16 Kansas
Olivia Drezek 18 Connecticut
Olga Drobockyi  Middle School
Teagan Droney 16 Illinois
Kelsey Drost 18 Connecticut
Callie Dubos 18 Delaware
Gianna Duckworth 16 Kansas
Maren Dufour-Eusko 15 Nevada
Brielle Dumont 15 Michigan
Reilly Duncanson 16 Iowa
Ella Durkee  Middle School
Cassie Durocher 15 Massachusetts
Emma Dutil  Middle School
anna dutrumble 18 Connecticut
Samantha Edelheit  Middle School
Sarah Eldredge 15 Maryland
Madison Ellis 18 Delaware
Skylar Engel  Middle School
Kate Enquist  Middle School
Olivia Evanko 15 Maine
Alexa Faga  Middle School
Melanie Farkas 15 Nebraska
Kiley Feeney 16 Georgia
Chloe Ferris  Middle School
Rebecca Fiddler 15 New Hampshire
Sofia Figueroa  Middle School
Grace Flagg 15 Maryland
Kiley Flaherty  Middle School
Marina Ford  Middle School
Shenel Fosuah-Asamoah 16 Iowa
Irene Fotache  Middle School
Marjorie Fournier 15 New Jersey
Mia Fraga  Middle School
Grace Furia 16 Kansas
Meghan Gaffney 15 Massachusetts
Gianna Gagliardi 15 Montana
Amaya Gamble 15 Massachusetts
Rebecca Garbett 15 Nebraska
Robbin Garcia  Middle School
Piper Garner-MacKinnon  Middle School
Cayleigh Gendreau  Middle School
Madeline Germe 18 Arizona
Abby Giles 15 Minnesota
Ella Godel  Middle School
Abigail Goff 18 Connecticut
Megan Goldfarb 16 Louisiana
Sydney Goldsmith 15 New Jersey
Mary Grace Goodale 18 Arizona
Lillian Goodin 15 Mississippi
Hannah Gottsche 15 Mississippi
Miah Grant 16 Indiana
Abbey Greene  Middle School
Ava Greene 18 Arkansas
Cassidy Greene  Middle School
Jamie Greene 18 Connecticut
Ella Greenwood 16 Kansas
Danielle Griffith 15 New Jersey
Alexandra Guerrero 18 Arkansas
Tessa Hache 16 Kentucky
Nicole Halas 15 New Jersey
Bridget Hall 16 Indiana
Emma Hall 15 Minnesota
Nora Hanlon 16 Louisiana
Ava Hanson 15 Mississippi
Taylor Harper 15 Nevada
Claire Hart  Middle School
Megan Hart  Middle School
Sophie Hart 16 Florida
Sophie Hart 16 Idaho
Kaitlyn Haseltine 18 Colorado
Kaylee Hebert 16 Kansas
Melissa Hemingway 15 New Jersey
Taylor Henry 15 Michigan
Yaneliz Herrera 16 Illinois
Ciara Hines 15 New Hampshire
Marykate Hoban 16 Illinois
Willa Hock 16 Louisiana
Alyssa Hodgson 15 Montana
Taylor Huff 15 Maine
Kayla Hunter 15 Mississippi
Emma Ionita 15 Michigan
Megan Isherwood  Middle School
Katelyn Jensen  Middle School
Teagan Jeram  Middle School
Bella Johnson 16 Hawaii
Garvey-Elise Johnson  Middle School
Kiana Jones 18 Arizona
Aneya Jorgensen 15 New Jersey
Jovana Jovanovic 18 Arizona
Sabrina Juhasz 15 New Hampshire
Sneha Kadiyala 15 New Hampshire
Leah Kagan 18 Alabama
Shannon Kamm 16 Idaho
Larissa Kauffman 15 Maine
Michaela Keen 18 Connecticut
Alexandra Kelley 16 Illinois
Sara Kelly 18 Arizona
Devon Kevetos 18 Alaska
Addison Keyworth 15 New Hampshire
Grace Kinney 16 Idaho
Brionna Koehler 16 Louisiana
Isabella Koopman  Middle School
Sydney Korengel 16 Hawaii
Alyssa Krechko 16 Louisiana
Audrey Kruger  Middle School
Sara Kudas 15 Montana
Jada Labissoniere  Middle School
Gracen Lamadrid 15 Minnesota
Madison Laprise 18 Alaska
Lola Larsen 15 Michigan
Kaylah Laurent 16 Indiana
Olivia Laurie 15 New Jersey
Sarah Lavoie 16 Florida
Charlie Lawson  Middle School
Sage Legere 15 Nevada
Carley Leonard  Middle School
Holly Lewis 18 Alabama
Olivia Liegl 15 Michigan
Ava Lima  Middle School
Raiya Lindeland 18 Arizona
Ava Lis 15 New Jersey
Ava Liu  Middle School
Olivia Lizotte 15 Nevada
Gwen Logsdon  Middle School
Catherine Longo 18 Arkansas
Victoria Loukas 16 Idaho
Yasmin Lourenco 15 Maine
Kayli Luke 16 Iowa
Adriana Lyra-Brazao 15 Maine
Erin Machnik 16 Louisiana
Julia Mansella  Middle School
Emily Martin 18 Delaware
Heather Marvin 16 Kentucky
Gabriella Maynard 16 Georgia
Madison Mayo 18 Alaska
Trista May 15 Minnesota
Maggie McNamara 16 Idaho
Mia Medwar 15 New Jersey
Emily Messier 18 Alabama
Zoe Michini 18 Alabama
Brooke Milikowski 16 Georgia
Gillian Miller 15 Massachusetts
Karissa Minkema 18 Delaware
Meagan Miranda  Middle School
Marie Moemeka 16 Kentucky
Hirou Mohamed 15 Nevada
Anna Morris 15 Maryland
Erica Mugovero 15 Minnesota
Laila Mularski 16 Illinois
Niamh Mullally 16 Illinois
Lena Muraski 18 California
Bridget Nagle  Middle School
Abigail Nenna 18 Delaware
Linh Nguyen 16 Georgia
Tiffany Nguyen 15 Montana
Ana Norato 16 Idaho
Taylor Nourse 18 Alaska
Grace Novak 18 Colorado
Lily Novitsky  Middle School
Angeline Nunez 15 Montana
Hannah O'Brien 16 Florida
Eva OBrien 15 Montana
Melina Oldroyd 18 California
Ellen Olender 16 Idaho
Tatianna Otto 15 Nevada
Adrianna Pantaleo  Middle School
Lauren Papale  Middle School
Charlotte Parry 15 Maine
Ava Patrissi 16 Louisiana
Piper Patrissi  Middle School
Julia Paul 16 Illinois
Katarina Pawlak  Middle School
Alyssa Penna 15 Mississippi
Emily Pereira 15 New Hampshire
Jamie Pereira 16 Louisiana
Molly Perkins 15 Nebraska
Zoey Perkins  Middle School
Lilly Perry 16 Illinois
Sophia Pers 16 Florida
Anh-Minh Phan  Middle School
Asenya Pica-Taylor 18 Delaware
Olivia Picard 18 Alabama
Zoe Pierre 15 Montana
Carlye Pierson 18 Alaska
Ella Pitman 16 Florida
Samantha Plummer 15 Maryland
Calliana Pock  Middle School
Madison Poetto 16 Georgia
Camryn Pope 15 Nebraska
Ariana Prendergast  Middle School
Maya Prince 18 Colorado
Ashlee Puma 18 Alabama
Grace Reed 16 Georgia
Reagan Reid 16 Georgia
Carly Rettberg 16 Florida
Nicole Rios 16 Indiana
Lola Rittlinger 15 Minnesota
Mia Robinson 18 Colorado
Aydyn Rodriguez 16 Kentucky
Eva Rodriguez 18 Arkansas
Kirsten Romano 15 Mississippi
Jada Rosario 15 Mississippi
Sara Ross 15 Mississippi
Shelby Rothschild 16 Iowa
Hollis Ryan 15 Michigan
Naiya Sabbagh  Middle School
Dasha Sandal 15 Montana
Emma Sansom 18 Arkansas
Camryn Sapere 15 Nevada
Anna Sauer 18 Arizona
Mia Sawka 18 Alaska
Stella Scheff 16 Idaho
Amanda Scheuy  Middle School
Madeline Schneider 18 Arizona
Sierra Scott 15 Maryland
Elyssa Sevillano 15 Minnesota
Ella Shand 18 Alaska
Caleigh Sheehan 15 Michigan
Maeve Sheehan 15 Nevada
Lauren Sheridan 16 Indiana
Madeleine Shiman 18 California
Abigail Shuman 16 Hawaii
Alicja Sicko 16 Kentucky
Elizabeth Silver 16 Kansas
Rachel Silverstein 15 Minnesota
Julia Simpson 15 Nebraska
Samantha Sinacori 18 California
Madison Sinatro  Middle School
Quinsa Sinish  Middle School
Chelsea Smith  Middle School
Jamie Smith  Middle School
Jamie Smith  Middle School
sarah spang  Middle School
Mia Spence  Middle School
Mia Spencer 18 California
Makayla Stauffer 16 Kentucky
Jayla Steere  Middle School
Abigail Steniger 16 Kentucky
Olivia Strout 16 Iowa
Lucy Sturm  Middle School
Mary Sullivan 15 Nevada
Nuala Sullivan 18 Arkansas
Tiana Swan 16 Georgia
Taressa Szewczyk 18 Delaware
Madison Sztaba 16 Georgia
Emma Teodosio  18 Arkansas
Maleesone Thammavong 15 Nebraska
Danejah Thomas 15 New Hampshire
Katie Thompson 15 Nebraska
Sophie Thompson 15 Montana
KarLeigh Tinker  18 Delaware
Evelyn Toennes 16 Kentucky
Tori Tolisano 18 Colorado
Audrey Totten 16 Illinois
Alexa Tragakis 15 Nebraska
Cece Trakhtenberg 15 New Jersey
Kacey Tranghese 15 Massachusetts
Sophie Tulchinsky 18 Arkansas
Bridget Tulikangas 16 Indiana
Mackenzie Tweeddale 16 Kansas
Sierra Urban 15 Massachusetts
Kaitlyn Vale 16 Georgia
Kayla Valenches 15 Massachusetts
Hannah Van Dyke 16 Florida
Leeneysha Vargas 18 Delaware
Brianna Vega 18 Alaska
Sonja Venetianer  Middle School
Sophia Viar 15 Mississippi
Jillian Vichi 15 Maryland
Nishita Vyas 16 Indiana
Sofiya Vyshnovsky  Middle School
Rose Wallace 18 California
Samantha Ward  Middle School
Abbigail Weber 15 New Jersey
Vanessa Weir 15 Nebraska
Yifan Wei  Middle School
Caroline Wesoloskie  Middle School
Sophie West 16 Kentucky
Samantha White 18 California
Sydnei White 15 Nevada
maddie whitten 15 Minnesota
Kaitie Wihbey 15 Massachusetts
Kiera Wilkes  Middle School
Emilia Willoughby 16 Hawaii
Haley Wilson 16 Hawaii
Sydney Witheril 16 Hawaii
Bella Woodbury 16 Georgia
Autumn Worthen 15 Massachusetts
Hannah Yilmaz 18 Alaska
Shannon Young  Middle School
Alexandra Zastawsky 16 Iowa
Jenna Ziskin  Middle School
Julia Zubeckis 15 Maryland