Thanks for considering Husky Volleyball. If you haven't played club volleyball yet this page is a great place to start.

Club volleyball in New England is run under our national governing body USA Volleyball and our region is NERVA (New England Regional Volleyball Association). All of our players during the winter season are required to be NERVA/USAV members ($60, not included with Husky club dues),

High school and middle school players of all level are welcome in our program (we even have some elementary school players in the program). You don't need to be a superstar, we welcome all players that have a desire to become better volleyball players.

What does the Husky Volleyball 2017-2018 season look like for a first year player?  Something like this:

  • Evaluations the first 3 Sundays in December (2 hour time slots). Try to make all 3 but it's not required. All evaluations are at The Den in Windsor, CT.
  • We divide players roughly by skill level with their grade. It's difficult to accomodate carpool requests, however many teams from the same grade will practice at the same time/location (all practices are scheduled at The Den, however we have 1-2 dates where we may play/practice at an alternate facility in either Windsor or Tolland).
  • Regional team practices begin on Sunday, January 7th, 2018. Practices are 2 hours long and scheduled start times are usually 9a, 11a, 1p, 3p. We can usually account for requests for a certain part of the day (but not a specific time slot). Not all grades practice at all times. High Performance team practices start in December (right after team selection)
  • Optional Monday night play begin on January, 9th.  Players will play with players in their grade but will not be divided by team. Each grade level is off 1 day per month (we can't fit everyone in even with 6 courts!)
  • Official NERVA tournaments for 2018 begin in March and are on 3/11, 3/25, 4/8, 4/22 and 5/6. (5/6 is the last day of the Husky VB winter season). NERVA tournaments will typically be scheduled within 1-1.5 hours from the Hartford area and usually start at 9am and end in mid to late afternoon. Parents are responsible for player transportation to tournaments (the club does not provide). Husky Volleyball regional club dues include a jersey and shorts.

Payment plans are readily available.

The information above is for our girls Regional level teams. We have a higher level of girls high school team (High Performance) which is also open to new players. They feature more practices (2 per week) and more tournaments (2-3x as many tournament days). This can be suited to newer players that have picked up some aspects of the game quickly or test well for vertical jump or reach (girls that can either jump high or start out a little taller!)

Much more detailed information on our girls programs are on our Programs page.  More info still on our FAQ page.