Your goal should be excellence, not perfection.

We try not to be a "coach centered" club. That doesn't mean that we don't have great coaches, but it does mean that the athlete needs to learn to be responsible for their own development. That's a valuable skill on the volleyball court and in life! We hope to accelerate the learning process on and off the court by spending more time training the players to coach themselves.

Athletes learn best through a method of "guided discovery". The best coaches ask their players questions and help them understand the why's and how's of being a volleyball player. Using these methods athletes develop a deeper and more permanent understanding of the game.

The most modern coaching theories have the players doing drills that are game-like. If we spend a lot of times doing things that look like drills, players tend to become good at drills but that doesn't completely transfer into game play. Much of our practice time is expected to be varying types of drills that incorporate "bump, set, spike" in each repetition.