Outside of our regular season (November-April) we have two other seasons that are about 6 weeks long:

  • Fall (early September-October) is open to high schoolers that are not on a high school team and middle schoolers (players are divided by ability). Price for 2019 was $325 (2020 fee not determined yet). The 2020 Fall league will begin on Wednesday, 9/9/20 and goes through Sunday, 10/25/20.
  • Spring (mid May-June) is open to high school and middle schoolers. The price for 2019 is $275 for Husky winter season players and $325 for others. (there will be no 2020 Spring League due to COVID-19)

Both seasons feature a weekday practice (Wednesdays from 6:30p-8:15p) where we teach the skills and Sundays that have both practices and tournaments (10a-12n or 9:30a-12n depending on the day). Tournaments are usually a very exciting 3v3 and 4v4 format with teams changing every game. 

Registration for Spring league opens in April and the fall league signups begin in late August (for middle schoolers) and early September for high schoolers (once high school teams are formed).