High Performance

(updated for 2019-2020)

HP High School (15/16/17/18, 9th grade and older)
High School players that are still playing in the CIAC state tournament may not begin their tryout until their season is over (don't worry, there's no penalty to you for missing the early tryouts!)
Sunday, 11/17/20
Juniors/Seniors, 12:15p-2:30p
Freshmen/Sophomores, 2:45p-5p

Monday, 11/18
Juniors/Seniors, 7:45p-9:30p
Freshmen/Sophomores, 6p-7:45p

Thursday, 11/21, 6:30-9p

Juniors/Seniors, 7:45p-9:30p
Freshmen/Sophomores, 6p-7:45p

Final makeup days on Sunday, 11/24 and Monday, 11/25

Our High Performance program, one of the most competitive in New England, comprises 1-4 teams at each age group from high school freshman through seniors (we also create a pre-HP team or two comprising 7th and 8th grade girls each year).

Our teams are the top ranked in Connecticut (usually our teams ranked 2nd, 3rd and 4th are ranked higher than the top team on other area clubs). In 2018 our 16's was the New England Regional Champion, our 15's team (freshmen) played 16's and was ranked higher than all other CT 16's teams. Our 18's and 17's have consistently been the top ranked teams (by far) in Connecticut. We constantly challenge our teams with top competition that other clubs don't face. Come play with and against the best!

Are you new to Husky and worried about being overlooked? Don't be, we give all players that attend our tryouts a fair opportunity to be evaluated and selected.

Our tryouts are designed to evaluate every player on objective standards (vertical jump, touch, scores assigned due to proficiency in passing, setting, serviing) and subjective standards (hustle, leadership, court sense). We consider all these items prior to selecting our teams.

Each team represents a different commitment level (and travel burden) classified by:

National (highest commitment, travels around the country, season runs until late June / early July)
Northeast (very high commitment, travels as far as Philadelphia, season runs until the end of May)
New England (high commitment, travel is in New England only, season runs until the end of May)

It is possible that we could have more than one team at any given level (so we have had seasons with 2 "17 National" teams or 2 "16 New England" teams). We will field as many teams at a level as we feel can be competitive. 

Practices will either be two week nights or Sunday and a weeknight (most teams are two weeknights only rarely does an HP team have a Sunday practice). 

Want to make sure a High Performance team is right for you?  Watch and listen to a few Husky players who’ve already been through a season! 

  • It’s critical to your development to play against tough competition! All of our teams play against an appropriate but challenging level of opponents. You’ll find that Husky teams played in more high level tournaments than all of the other Connecticut clubs combined!
  • Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments (as practically possible). We do understand that there can be some conflicts, but we expect that your volleyball team will be your 2nd priority behind school work if you are on an HP team.
  • If you have any further questions, please check out our FAQ.

For information on our High Performance Pricing (and our Payment Plans) are here 

2019-2020 High Performance Coaches

Our expected HP coaches this year are all returning from last season and are experienced Husky staff members. Here’s a quick bio on some of them.

  • Most of our HP coaching staff is returning. All coaching assignments are subject to change... but here's a peek at some of our staff assignments for 2019 (all subject to change as personal circumstances may change).
  • 14 National, Lindsay Price is a Husky alum (6 years as a player and this year will be her 8th season as a coach!) She's been our top 14's team coach the past 2 years! 
  • 15 National, Donald Colebrook. Donnie is a Husky alum (we love to say that) and coached our 15 Northeast team last season. He's the assistant coach at Nichols College and is a high school Physics teacher.
  • 16 National, Tony Sanith. Coach Sanith is another Husky alum turned coach. He’s previously been a Division 1 women’s assistant coach and will be starting his 8th season with us. He’s one of our most popular coaches for private lessons as well!
  • 17 National.  Ryan Woodcock. One of our most popular coaches for lessons, Ryan also has coached collegiately at Sacred Heart University and Quinnipiac University.  
  • 18 National/Grand Central. Tory and John Post are back! One of our most popular and accomplished coaching teams are returning to Husky this year. Tory Post has previously coached 16 National and 18 Grand Central. John Post was a long time 16 National coach and is currently the Head Men's and Women's coach at Nichols College.
  • Northeast and New England Coaches will consist mostly of coaches that have been on our staff for years in our HP program. They’ve attended  coaching clinics like: Gold Medal Squared coaching clinics, USA Volleyball CAP courses and even trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs at the USA Volleyball High Performance Coaches Clinic. More details on all of our coaches will be available to players shortly.

2019-2020 Schedules

  • Girls High Performance tryouts Schedule:
  • mid November (dates at the top of this page)
  • Some clubs attempt to pressure players into making immediate decisions upon being offered a spot in their club (not us!) If you are trying out for multiple clubs and receive an offer from another club please contact us before accepting (we will give you a very honest opinion of your standing at our tryouts)
  • Optional tournaments (OPT) are not included in base price for the team.
  • Regional teams will be finalized in late December.

HP Schedules for 2020 (under construction)