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Boys and Girls Juniors


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This is our program for boys and girls that are newer to volleyball in grades 4-8. Session 4 runs 11/16/20 - 12/23/20

Mondays and/or Wednesdays (4:30p-6p)

Pricing per session:

  • 1 day a week (either day), $150
  • Both days (both days), $250
  • The first juniors session you're enrolled in has a $15 one time fee for a t-shirt.

From the Coaches:
Head Coach – Cindy Van der Mark
Assistant Coach – Billie-Jean Lee

Our Husky Juniors Program:

When we get over 12 kids we will have 2/3 levels no matter what grade (4-8). We will split the court in two. Every level plays on their own (half) court. 8/12 Kids on one (half) court is our goal. We will add more coaches and courts to the program if necessary. More coaches, more feedback, the faster kids get better at their new favorite sport. 

Our practices will be specifically for beginners or children with a little experience. If a child is too good for our program, we will encourage him/her to move up to another program within Husky.  

Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of volleyball while focusing on individual skills. Sportsmanship and team interaction are a very important aspect as well. 
Every practice will start with some basics and end with a game like situation play that fits the group. 

Between sessions we will try to plan some tournament days. This is only possible when we have enough players to do so (at least 12 kids need to sign in).  We play with special rules on those days, to let the kids get comfortable with the sport and the detailed rules that come with it. 

Don't stop playing this fantastic sport after just one session. Try to move up during the next session, and again, till you are good enough to move up to the next program within Husky! Our goal is to get every player ready to play regional within Husky


With our special program we make it an easy start for everyone. 

Interested in private practices too? Ask Coach Cindy for more info!!

A little background about Cindy and Billie-Jean:

We are trying to spend more time in the gym to make kids want to play volleyball at an early stage! 

CINDY   " I am originally from the Netherlands.  I started to play this amazing sport there when I was just 6 years old.

When I was 18, I started to help out the other coaches as an assistant at my club. Soon I had the responsibility of overseeing my own teams within the club where I was a player as well.

I started to set up a special children’s program there because I thought the rules where too hard for children. I wanted to make it more fun! I started this program with only 12 kids and within 3 years I had 140 children in my program. My daughter and son are both (tall) volleyball players as well. They started to play the game through this same program.

My family moved from the Netherlands to Granby CT 3 years ago. My daughter started to play at Husky and after two years she was playing on a D1 College level in Waco Texas with a full scholarship. That is when I started to coach with Husky. I missed having the younger children in the Husky program. I was very happy when Pat asked me to help out with the Husky Pups but that program was only for a short time. Now those sessions are over. And that is where Billie Jean and I want to pick it up from."

BILLIE JEAN    “My first encounter with volleyball was with my daughter who had only played volleyball during gym class at her middle school.  When she was entering high school she tried out for the team.  Because she was tall – the Varsity coach wanted her to play a “Middle Blocker”.  All she had to do was jump and block the ball from coming over the net.  She did well but she wanted to learn quickly how to better herself.  That’s when we found Husky Volleyball Club!  She started at the Regional level and also took some private lessons. By the next season she tried out for and made the High Performance teams for 3 years at Husky.  She loved the game!  I loved watching her grow, make friends, build confidence, learn to be a good teammate, and become a great volleyball player. She played Varsity throughout high school and became the team captain her Jr and Senior year.  Also making the NCCC team.  As a parent I want to give children the chance to learn this amazing sport earlier, so they can be great players and have the confidence they need to have fulfilling experiences through volleyball. 

I’m a mom who loves volleyball and kids.”