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Teams and Times

Happy New Year! Thanks for your patience, I know everyone is excited to meet your new teammates.

Please find you team name (names are temporary, first duty is to come up with your permanent team name!) 

Not on the list or something else wrong? Don't worry, we can fix it. Just fill out this form. (please don't email, the form is the best way).

  • Practices start on Sunday, 1/6 at the times below.
  • You may get traded to a different team before (or on) Sunday. Don't take it personally! We trade players if someone is listed in the wrong position or we messed something else up on the team.
  • You'll meet your coach (we have some college players that are coaches and not all are on break yet so you may have a substitute coach for the first week or two).
  • The first Monday scrimmage is this Monday, 1/7. It's open to Seniors, Juniors, Sophomore, Freshmen (schedule for the next month is on our home page). Each grade is off one Monday a month (weather cancellations push everything back a week). Times are 6:30-8:15p and is completely optional (you won't be in your team unit, we make teams based upon who shows up each week).
9am - 11am  

Husky 18 Alabama

Husky 18 Alaska  

Husky 18 Arizona


Husky18 Arkansas

Husky 16 Florida  

Husky 16 Georgia

Husky 16 Hawaii  
*Husky 18 California ( changed from 11a-1p)  


11am - 1pm

Husky 18 Colorado


Husky 18 Connecticut


Husky 18 Delaware

Husky 16 Idaho  
Husky 16 Illinois  

Husky 16 Indiana

Husky 16 Iowa  
1pm - 3pm
Husky 16 Kansas  

Husky 16 Kentucky


Husky 16 Louisiana


Husky 15 Minnesota


Husky 15 Mississippi


Husky 15 Missouri


Husky 15 Montana

Husky 15 Utah  
3pm -5pm  
Husky 15 Maine  

Husky 15 Maryland


Husky 15 Massachusetts


Husky 15 Michigan


Husky 14 Regional Middle School Teams


Abedon, Liana Husky 16 Kansas
Alicea, Alyzza Husy 15 Utah
Alquist, Carolyn Husky 16 Illinois
Andrews, Ava Husky 15 Montana
Anziano, Jessica Husky 16 Florida
Armstrong, Joy Husky 15 Maine
Avery, Carolynne Husky 18 Connecticut
Ayala, Angelique Husky 18 California
Ayvas, Kristina Husky 15 Massachusetts
Bachman, Taylor Husky 16 Idaho
Baker, Ysabell Husky 16 Idaho
Balkan, Zoe Husky 16 Illinois
Bambara, Francesca Husky 15 Minnesota
Barber, Jordan Husky18 Arkansas
Barbour, Imani Husky 18 Alabama
Barile, Marissa Husky 16 Louisiana
Bassell, Samantha Husky 18 Delaware
Bedoya, Jaileen Husky 18 Connecticut
Begin, Holly Husky 15 Mississippi
Belden, Lauren Husky 18 Colorado
Belden, Olivia Husky 18 Colorado
Benoit, Sabrina Husky 18 California
Bergin, Madelyn Husky 15 Montana
Bernoski, Brigid 14 Regional
Berrio, Juli Husky 15 Maine
Biondi, Adelle Husky 18 Arizona
Bjarno, Claire Husky 18 Alaska
Blackinton, Skyler Husky 16 Florida
Blanchard, Sydney Husky 16 Georgia
Blechner, Isabella Husky 16 Illinois
Bochan, Sarah Husky 15 Massachusetts
Bombard, Maddie Husky 16 Iowa
Boone, Delaney Husky 16 Iowa
Botsacos, Paige Husky 15 Montana
Boucher, Jessica Husky 16 Kansas
Brennan, Bianca Husky 16 Louisiana
Breton, Mackenzie Husky 15 Montana
brodeur, megan Husky18 Arkansas
Brown, Abigail Husky 16 Illinois
brown, mckenna Husky 15 Mississippi
Brunelle, Jessica Husky 15 Minnesota
Bubloski, chloe Husky 15 Minnesota
Buccelli, Cassie 14 Regional
Buchanan, Betsy Husky 15 Michigan
Budzik, Sadie Husky 18 Alaska
Bunch, Lauren Husky 15 Maine
Bunn, Alaysia Husky18 Arkansas
Caminiti, Danielle Husky 15 Michigan
Campbell, Annie Husky 15 Michigan
Campbell, Fiona Husky 18 California
Canto, Julia Husy 15 Utah
Carangelo, Kaitlin Husy 15 Utah
Carlmark, Anja Husky 15 Maine
Carlson, Alexandra Husky 15 Missouri
Carr, Desaraena Husky 16 Kansas
Carroll, Emilie 14 Regional
carter, morgan Husky 15 Missouri
Caruso, Mackenzie Husky 15 Mississippi
Casavant, Ashley Husky 18 Arizona
Casey, Claire Husky 18 Alaska
Cebollero, Ciara Husky 18 Colorado
Celano, Elizabeth Husky 16 Louisiana
Chambers, Morgan Husky 16 Hawaii
Chandy, Reshma Husky 16 Georgia
Chappell, Savanna Husky 16 Kentucky
Chin, Natalie Husky 15 Maryland
Comfry, Amber Husky 15 Massachusetts
Conde, Alexis Husky 15 Montana
corniello, kylie Husky 18 Alaska
cosin, sylvia 14 Regional
Coughlin, Hannah Husky 15 Montana
Counter, Emma Husky 16 Georgia
Cousland, Cody Emily Husky 18 Connecticut
Crabb, Raechel Husky 16 Louisiana
CRAMER, Madi Husky 18 California
Crespo, Keren 14 Regional
Crim, Haley Husky 16 Hawaii
Crowell, Sara Husky 16 Iowa
Cullen, Kiley Husky 15 Maryland
Currier, Madelyn Husky 18 California
Czerkiewicz, Anna Husky 16 Georgia
dabney, maeve Husky 16 Indiana
Daitch, Lily Husky 18 Colorado
Daley, Vanessa Husky 15 Minnesota
Daoust, Allie Husky 18 Colorado
Davis, Courtney Husky 16 Kentucky
Davis, Molly Husky 16 Idaho
Dean, Alexis Husky 16 Georgia
Dean, Cassandra Husky 16 Georgia
Demers, Carly 14 Regional
DeSantos, Ellie Husky 16 Idaho
Devanney, Caitlin Husky 15 Minnesota
Dias, Melissa 14 Regional
Dion, Jordan Husy 15 Utah
Doherty, Katrina Husky 18 Colorado
Donahue, Erin Husky 15 Missouri
Dowd, Mackenzie Husky 18 Alabama
Doyle, Kyla Husky 15 Maryland
Drezek, Olivia Husky 16 Indiana
Drost, Kelsey Husky 16 Idaho
Dubos, Callie Husky 16 Indiana
Dutrumble, Anna Husky 16 Kentucky
Edelheit, Samantha 14 Regional
Elliott, Grace Husky 16 Hawaii
erickson, felicity Husky 18 Colorado
Fecho, Leilani 14 Regional
Feeney, Jessica Husky 18 Delaware
Field, Catherine 14 Regional
Figueroa, Sofia 14 Regional
Finkle, Kayla Husky 16 Louisiana
Fitzhenry, Samantha Husky 16 Kentucky
Fleming, Madeline Husky 15 Massachusetts
Flemming, Ellen Husky 18 Connecticut
Flynn, Abigail Husky 15 Montana
Flynn, Grace Husky 18 Alaska
Fotache, Irene 14 Regional
Freeto, Jillian Husky 16 Louisiana
Friedman, Sophia Husky 15 Maryland
Fuller, Delia Husky 15 Missouri
Galiatsatos, Melaina Husky 18 California
Galvan, Selena Husky 15 Massachusetts
Garbutt, Gabriella Husky 16 Florida
Gardiner, Rachel Husky 18 California
Germano, Julia Husky 16 Georgia
Germe, Madeline Husky 16 Hawaii
Glyman, Delaney Husky 16 Indiana
Glyman, Emma Husky 16 Indiana
Goff, Abigail Husky 16 Kansas
Gomez-Nieto, Jenna  Husky 15 Minnesota
Goodale, Mary Grace Husky 16 Florida
Gorski, Makayla Husky 16 Hawaii
Granger, Hannah 14 Regional
Green, Maddie Husky 15 Minnesota
Greene, Cassidy 14 Regional
Grimaldi, Gianna Husky 16 Florida
Gronningsater, Makayla Husky 15 Missouri
Guerrero, Alexandra Husky 16 Hawaii
Guo, Selena Husky 18 Alabama
Haire, Sarah Husky 18 Arizona
Hanlon, Nora Husky 15 Maryland
Hart, Megan 14 Regional
Hart, Sophie Husky 15 Michigan
Hatajik, Lindsay Husky 16 Florida
Heersink, Cierra Husky 16 Idaho
Heinrich, Ashley Husky 16 Illinois
Hernandez, Kenia Husky 18 Delaware
Herrera, Yaneliz Husky 15 Michigan
Hickey, Amelia Husky 15 Mississippi
Hines, Ciara 14 Regional
Hopkins, Darcy Husky 16 Georgia
Houston, jacilyn Husky18 Arkansas
Howard, Sarina Husky 16 Illinois
Hussain, Ariana 14 Regional
Isaacs, Grace Husky 15 Minnesota
Jeffreys, Ellee Husky 16 Iowa
Johnson, Bella Husky 15 Maryland
Jones, Kiana Husky 16 Illinois
Joslin, Leah Husky 18 Alabama
Kamm, Shannon Husky 15 Missouri
Kana, Shelby Husky18 Arkansas
Karam, Grace Husky 15 Montana
Keen, Michaela Husky 16 Iowa
Kelly, Sara Husky 16 Illinois
Kevetos, Devon Husky 16 Indiana
Khan, Anzal Husky 15 Michigan
Kidd, Abby Husky 16 Florida
Kinney, Grace Husky 15 Mississippi
Koehler, Brionna Husy 15 Utah
Korengel, Sydney Husky 15 Mississippi
Kudler, Sophie Husky 15 Montana
LaBranche, Dominique Husky 16 Idaho
Lanteri, Kylie Husky 16 Idaho
Laurent, Kaylah Husky 15 Montana
LeBlanc, Sarah Husky 15 Mississippi
LeClair, Amanda 14 Regional
Lee, Madison Husky 16 Florida
Lepage, Camila 14 Regional
Lewis, Holly Husky18 Arkansas
Lewis-Holcombe, Tatum Husky18 Arkansas
Li, Sarah Husky 16 Illinois
Liao, Jennifer Husky 15 Minnesota
Lindeland, Raiya Husky 16 Iowa
Lis, Ava 14 Regional
Long, Olivia Husky 15 Mississippi
Longo, Catherine Husky 16 Kansas
Loukas, Victoria Husky 15 Maryland
Luke, Kayli Husy 15 Utah
Lund, Allison Husky 18 Alaska
Lynn, Hannah Husky 16 Indiana
Mach, Angelica Husky 15 Maine
Machon, Gigi Husky 16 Louisiana
Mansella, Sophia Husky 18 Alaska
Marsh, Olivia Husky 18 Alabama
Martin, Emily Husky 16 Illinois
Martin, Maiya Husky 15 Michigan
Martin, Sadie Husky 15 Maine
Martinez, Laila Husky 18 Arizona
Masci, Jenna  Husky 18 Connecticut
Massaro-cook, Madison Husky 16 Florida
Mayo, Madison Husky 16 Kansas
Mayuri, Abby Husky 18 Alabama
McCambridge, Lauren Husky 16 Indiana
McHugh, Julia Husky 15 Maryland
McMurray, Amy Husky 16 Kansas
McMurray, Leah 14 Regional
Mendoza, Raina Husky 18 Delaware
Mesidor, Niah Husky 18 Alaska
Messier, Emily Husky 18 Alabama
Metcalfe, Nora Husky 15 Massachusetts
Miazga, Emma 14 Regional
Miazga, Isabelle Husky 18 Arizona
Michalski, Allison Husky 15 Maine
Michini, Zoe Husky 18 Arizona
Mik, Jordyn 14 Regional
Milikowski, Brooke Husky 15 Minnesota
Miller, Katie Husky 16 Indiana
Miller, Lauren Husky 18 Arizona
minkema, karissa Husky 16 Iowa
Monier-Williams, Jolie 14 Regional
Moore, Alyssa Husky 18 Arizona
Morton, Branaugh 14 Regional
Moses, Trinity Husky 16 Kentucky
Mraz, Bella Husky 15 Missouri
Mueller, Hayden Husky 15 Michigan
Mujcinovic, Samra Husky 16 Florida
Mulet-Ramirez, Adriana Husky 18 Connecticut
Murphy, Kaitlyn Husky 18 Connecticut
Murphy, Samantha 14 Regional
Mydosh, Catherine Husky 18 Alabama
Myers, Alyssa Husky 15 Massachusetts
Myers, Aviance Husky 16 Kentucky
Nelson, Grace Husky 18 Colorado
Nenna, Abigail Husky 16 Kansas
Norato, Ana Husky 15 Mississippi
Oldroyd, Melina Husky 16 Louisiana
Olender, Ellen Husky 15 Maine
Olshan, Rebecca Husky 18 Alaska
Otis, Kiley Husky 16 Louisiana
Outland, Lacie 14 Regional
pantaleo, adrianna 14 Regional
Pantaleo, Katerina Husky 18 Colorado
Pardee, Megan Husky 18 Alabama
Parent, Allyson Husky 15 Missouri
Parisan, Kaitlyn Husky 16 Kentucky
Patrissi, Ava Husky 15 Michigan
Paul, Julia Husky 15 Maryland
Peck, Hannah Husky 16 Iowa
Periyasamy, Shreya Husky 16 Louisiana
Perkins, Molly 14 Regional
Peruccio, Jessica Husky 18 Arizona
Pitman, Ella Husky 15 Maine
Poetto, Madison Husky 15 Missouri
Polley, Kaylee Husky 18 Alaska
Puma, Ashlee Husky 18 California
Puszka, Elana Husky 16 Illinois
Rafferty, Delaney Husky 16 Florida
Ramos, India Husky 18 Delaware
Reed, Autumn Husky 18 Delaware
Reid, Reagan Husky 15 Minnesota
riegler, julia Husky18 Arkansas
Rios, Nicole Husky 15 Maine
Rivas, Laila Husky 18 Delaware
Rivera Silver, Anastasia Husky 18 Connecticut
Rivera-Silver, Anastasia Husky 18 Connecticut
Roberto, MacKenzie Husky 18 Alabama
Robertson, Isabel Husky 15 Michigan
Robinson, Jade Husky 16 Iowa
Robinson, Mia Husky 16 Georgia
Rodriguez, Eva Husky 16 Kentucky
Rodriguez, Mikeila Husky 18 Delaware
Romkey, Eva Husky 18 Colorado
Safryn, Veronica Husky 15 Maine
Sanchez, Ava Husky 16 Idaho
Santana, Taylor Husy 15 Utah
Sauer, Anna Husky 16 Iowa
Scheff, Chloe Husky 18 Arizona
Scheff, Stella Husky 15 Maine
Schwarz, Emma Husky 18 Connecticut
Scotto, Natalie Husky18 Arkansas
Sheridan, Lauren Husky 15 Massachusetts
Shuman, Abigail Husy 15 Utah
Siddiq, Lamiah Husky 15 Mississippi
Simon, Sydney Husky 16 Hawaii
Sinacori, Samantha Husky18 Arkansas
Smith, Madison 14 Regional
Smith, Madison Husky 15 Massachusetts
Smith, Olivia Husky18 Arkansas
Smith, Sofia 14 Regional
Smith, Tyler Husky 18 California
Smola, Taylor Husky 16 Kansas
Snow, Julia Husky 18 Delaware
Sodel, Teagan Husky 15 Montana
St Laurent, Bella Husky 18 Connecticut
Staples, Ericka Husky 18 Colorado
Starzyk, Carrie Husky 16 Kansas
Stauffer, Makayla Husy 15 Utah
Stets, Khrystyna Husky 16 Iowa
Stevens, Gabby Husky 18 Alabama
Sullivan, Nuala Husky 16 Georgia
Szewczyk, Taressa Husky 16 Kentucky
Sztaba, Madison Husky 15 Maryland
Szymecki, Krysta Husky 16 Idaho
Teodosio, Emma Husky 16 Hawaii
Thompson, Vivian Husy 15 Utah
Tingley, Emily Husky 18 Arizona
Tinker, KarLeigh Husky 16 Louisiana
Tolisano, Tori Husky 16 Idaho
Toor, Sana Husky 16 Indiana
Tran, Priscilla Husky 15 Minnesota
Tranghese, Kacey 14 Regional
Tritt, Molly 14 Regional
Tulchinsky, Sophie Husky 16 Georgia
Tweeddale, Mackenzie Husky 15 Massachusetts
Vacharakupt, Vivian Husky 18 California
Valentino, Gianna Husky 15 Massachusetts
Valvo, Genny Husky 16 Iowa
Valvo, Judith Husky 16 Kentucky
Van Dyke, Hannah Husky 15 Michigan
Van Horn, Samantha Husky 16 Hawaii
Vasil, Mara Husy 15 Utah
Vega, Brianna Husky18 Arkansas
Venetianer, Sonia 14 Regional
Villanueva, Natalie Husky 15 Maryland
Viner, Carsyn Husky 18 Delaware
Vyas, Nishita Husky 15 Missouri
Wall, Madison Husky 18 California
Wei, Yifan 14 Regional
White, Kayla Husky 16 Idaho
White, Samantha Husky 16 Hawaii
Williams, Kylie Husky 16 Hawaii
Willis, Artemis 14 Regional
Wilson, Haley Husky 15 Missouri
Winkleblack, Katie Husky 16 Illinois
Wix, Anna Husky 16 Georgia
Wood, Jocelyn Husky 18 Alaska
Worth, Ruby 14 Regional
Younge, Alexis Husky 18 Delaware
Yusuf, Amira 14 Regional
Yusuf, Laila Husky 16 Kansas
Zastawsky, Alexandra Husky 15 Mississippi
Zhu, Cara Husky 16 Indiana
Zhu, Mia Husky 16 Indiana
Zinser, Paige Husky 16 Georgia
Zweifler, Jessie Husky 16 Florida