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2019-2020 HP Selection List

Thank you for everyone trying out. This year we added 2 HP Teams (1 at 18's and 1 at 17's) Here's what we will field this year:

18, 2 teams
17, 4 teams
16, 4 teams
15, 3 teams

We wish everyone a great club season!

The level of play at tryouts this year was spectacular and the best ever. We hope that those players that weren't selected will continue in our regional program this year (practice every Sunday starting in January and 5 tournaments in the months of March/April/May).

  • If you were selected for a team you must accept your spot by filling out the registration form at by 1pm on Monday, 12/2. If you don't complete your HP registration by that time we will assume that you declined and offer your spot to another player.
  • If you weren't selected this year we hope that you'll continue in our regional program (we group HP players together).  You must register for regional by Wednesday, 12/4. Visit the link at and use the discount code "hp25off" to waive the late registration feel. HP candidates do not need to attend on 12/1.
  • If for any reason you are declining your spot please email so that we can fill the spot right away.
  • Lastly, if we mistakenly placed you on a team that was different than one that you said you would accept a spot on please let me know right away. If you were offered a spot on a team lower than one you specified we would not be able to move you to the higher team. However if you were placed on a higher team please let us know and we can move you to the lower ranked team.

Please keep in mind that if we have any players decline their offer that we may need to make additional replacement selections in the next few days.

Once teams are finalized and all players have accepted we will set up a practice schedule.

Please email with any questions or concerns.

Coaching Assignments

We didn't want to hold up this list while we finalize coaching assignments. We will update this page with the coaching assignment list shortly.


15 National coach, Donald Colebrook
15 National Emily Hart
15 National Jocee Powers
15 National Evelyn Brenton
15 National Maiella Blandin
15 National Jillian Plaut
15 National Claudia Clarke
15 National Chiara Persano
15 National Ally Hadley
15 National Alyssa Rossi
15 National Valerie Guadian
15 National Fay Pahuja

15 Northeast coach, Laura Smolinski
15 Northeast Jessica Greco
15 Northeast Emily Wallace
15 Northeast Jolie Monier-Williams
15 Northeast Sydney Miranda
15 Northeast Ariana Hussain
15 Northeast Alexa Goff
15 Northeast Ellie Galasso
15 Northeast Gabriella Pappa
15 Northeast Tylar Elizabeth Dillon
15 Northeast Allison Chung
15 Northeast Roshni Solomon

15 New England coach Bobby Franklin
15 New England Gianna Coccomo
15 New England Molly Tritt
15 New England Jordyn Mik
15 New England Angelina Sharpe
15 New England Faith Crawford
15 New England Sayada Arouna
15 New England Claire Powell
15 New England Lily-Grace Xayachack
15 New England Meghan Cegielski
15 New England Sophia Gahres
15 New England Sara Wild
15 New England Sabrina McGovern


16 National coach Tony Sanith
16 National Nyssa Park
16 National Riley Castle
16 National Erika Danielson
16 National Anja Carlmark
16 National Keira Sullivan
16 National Juliana Robinshaw
16 National Megan Youmell
16 National Anastasiya Andriyashko
16 National Sasha Moran
16 National Alexandra Long
16 National Ruby St Onge

16 Northeast coach Jon Bui
16 Northeast Kori Meissner
16 Northeast Isabella Pincince
16 Northeast Marina Inyatkin
16 Northeast Jennifer Whipple
16 Northeast Nora Metcalfe
16 Northeast Kallie Guerraz
16 Northeast Nicole Lambert
16 Northeast Sydney Ball
16 Northeast Audrey Snyder
16 Northeast Isabelle Huelin
16 Northeast Elizabeth Squier

Coach Molly Grabowski
16 New England Red Sara Rigatti
16 New England Red Grace Worth
16 New England Red Claire Michaels
16 New England Red Aniella McGovern
16 New England Red Amelia Hickey
16 New England Red savannah bernabucci
16 New England Red Angelica Mach
16 New England Red Jessica Timothy
16 New England Red Annabelle Stabach
16 New England Red Gracey Massicotte
16 New England Red Lauren Egan

Coach Moira Long
16 New England Black Sarah Maher
16 New England Black Olivia Long
16 New England Black Camille Perry
16 New England Black Veronica Safryn
16 New England Black Hannah Langer
16 New England Black Emma Hansen
16 New England Black Sarah Burch
16 New England Black Natalie Villanueva
16 New England Black Jillian Rinaldi
16 New England Black Alyzza Alicea
16 New England Black Allyson Parent
16 New England Black Margaret Thrall
16 New England Black Madelyn Bergin


17 National Red coach Ryan Woodcock
17 National Red Ellie Powers
17 National Red Avery Theriault
17 National Red Eliza Jones
17 National Red Kaylin Hadley
17 National Red Sydney Smith
17 National Red Viktoria Pavlyuk
17 National Red Riley Donahue
17 National Red Olivia Deane
17 National Red Zoe Lowe
17 National Red Camryn Luginbuhl
17 National Red Chelsea Foulis
17 National Red Zoe DiZenzo
17 National Red Amelia Beigel

(We were unable to get 17 National Black into the Capitol Hill Classic as it was already full and are working on a replacement)
17 National Black coach Ken White
17 National Black Sydney Blanchard
17 National Black Emily Brouder
17 National Black Madison Kennedy
17 National Black Hannah Mullaney
17 National Black Cassie Parmelee
17 National Black Abby Maher
17 National Black Kelli Raines
17 National Black Loren Jones
17 National Black Audrey Bonk
17 National Black Madison Massaro-cook
17 National Black Isabella Arcidiacono
17 National Black Audrey Luginbuhl

Coaches Ed Zajac, Emily Werth
17 Northeast Wren Worth
17 Northeast Makena Dlugos
17 Northeast Laila Dowou
17 Northeast Alexandra Umelo
17 Northeast Cameron Stewart
17 Northeast Ashlyn Zematis
17 Northeast Gabby Garbutt
17 Northeast Carson Halbower
17 Northeast Kiley Cristman
17 Northeast Gwenyth Ross

17 New England Maddie Bombard
17 New England Anna Wix
17 New England Emma Coggins
17 New England Caitlyn Esposito
17 New England Makayla Gorski
17 New England Madison Boyd
17 New England Olivia Tibbetts
17 New England Allison Savinelli
17 New England Meghan Doxsee
17 New England Samantha Morrow
17 New England Giulianna Gionfriddo


18 Grand Central coaches John and Tory Post
18 Grand Central Jia Yazon
18 Grand Central Elsie Phillips
18 Grand Central Julia Bartiet
18 Grand Central Niah Mesidor
18 Grand Central Lindsey Abramson
18 Grand Central Allie Nelson
18 Grand Central Haylee Granato
18 Grand Central Kacey Deecher
18 Grand Central Julia Noel
18 Grand Central Elizabeth Long
18 Grand Central Caitlyn Hart
18 Grand Central Sophia Noel

18 Northeast/Penn Station coaches Leon Tse and Charles Saunders
18 Northeast Elizabeth Diorio
18 Northeast Catherine Mydosh
18 Northeast Alex Kumm
18 Northeast Megan Kelleher
18 Northeast Sophia Morales
18 Northeast Alexandra Flanagan
18 Northeast Haley Picard
18 Northeast Rhiannon Hodovanec
18 Northeast Raina Mendoza
18 Northeast Ashley Casavant
18 Northeast Emily Gelinas