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2018-2019 HP Selection List

Thank you for everyone trying out. This year (as is normal) we have fewer high school aged HP teams at the older age groups than at the younger age groups. Here's what we will field this year:

18, 1 team (we really tried to form 2 but came up short)
17, 3 teams
16, 4 teams
15, 3 teams

We do have more HP caliber players at some positions than others (and that's the problem with us fielding one more 18 and 17 team) and we wish we could form a team for every player that wanted to play.

We wish everyone a great club season!

The level of play at tryouts this year was spectacular and the best ever. We hope that those players that weren't selected will continue in our regional program this year (practice every Sunday starting in January and 5 tournaments in the months of March/April/May).

If you were selected for a team you must accept your spot via email to with "I accept" by Sunday, 12/2 at 3pm. If you don't accept by that time we will have to offer that spot to another player. Additionally you'll receive another email with a link to get on the HP payment schedule and must complete the instructions there (within a few days).

If you weren't selected this year we hope that you'll continue in our regional program (we group HP players together). We will only assume that if you made the regional payment (or are on the payment plan), if you've changed your mind and don't want to play regional either please email me and we'll refund. If you only paid the HP tryout fee you'll need to tell us that you'd like to play regional. 

Please keep in mind that if we have any players decline their offer that we may need to make additional replacement selections in the next few days.

Please email with any questions or concerns.


Husky 14 Red coached by Lindsay Price

Maiella Blandin
Claudia Clarke
Ellie Galasso
Lily Nguyen
Fay Pahuja
Chiara Persano
Jocelyn Powers
Kiera Stewart
Alanys Torres
Geena Vincenzo
Tori Washington

Husky 14 Black by Steve Goodrich and Kelsey Armstrong

Allie Arcaro
Sarah Beckert
Ava Cashman
Allison Chung
Tylar Elizabeth Dillon
Caitlin Garcia-Stevenson
Alexa Goff
Jessica Greco
Jillian Plaut
Hollis Ryan
Isabelle Stoddard-Betke
Emily Wallace


Riley Castle, 15 National
Kallie Guerraz, 15 National
Nicole Lambert, 15 National
Alexandra Long, 15 National
Kori Meissner, 15 National
Nyssa Park, 15 National
Isabella Pincince, 15 National
Juliana Robinshaw, 15 National
Ruby St Onge, 15 National
Keira Sullivan, 15 National
Noemi Villaparedes, 15 National

Anastasiya Andriyashko, 15 Northeast
Savannah Bernabucci, 15 Northeast
Sarah Burch, 15 Northeast
Erika Danielson, 15 Northeast
Emily Hart, 15 Northeast
Isabelle Huelin, 15 Northeast
Tatiana Leon, 15 Northeast
Camille Perry, 15 Northeast
Elizabeth Squier, 15 Northeast
Annabelle Stabach, 15 Northeast
Molly Wysocki, 15 Northeast
Megan Youmell, 15 Northeast

Sydney Ball, 15 New England
Emma Hansen, 15 New England
Sarah Lavoie, 15 New England
Sarah Maher, 15 New England
Briana Myran, 15 New England
Hannah O'Brien, 15 New England
Sophia Pers, 15 New England
Sara Rigatti, 15 New England
Audrey Snyder, 15 New England
Margaret Thrall, 15 New England
Emilia Willoughby, 15 New England
Grace Worth, 15 New England


Isabella Arcidiacono, 16 National
Emily Brouder, 16 National
Zoe DiZenzo, 16 National
Chelsea Foulis, 16 National
Loren Jones, 16 National
Hannah Mullaney, 16 National
Cassie Parmelee, 16 National
Viktoria Pavlyuk, 16 National
Noelle Powers, 16 National
Sydney Smith, 16 National
Avery Theriault, 16 National

Audrey Bonk, 16 Northeast
Kiley Cristman, 16 Northeast
Makena Dlugos, 16 Northeast
Laila Dowou, 16 Northeast
Madison Kennedy, 16 Northeast
Audrey Luginbuhl, 16 Northeast
Abby Maher, 16 Northeast
Kelli Raines, 16 Northeast
Gwenyth Ross, 16 Northeast
Wren Worth, 16 Northeast
Ashlyn Zematis, 16 Northeast

Ava Blanchard, 16 NE Black
Emma Coggins, 16 NE Black
Meghan Doxsee, 16 NE Black
Addison Duquette, 16 NE Black
Caitlyn Esposito, 16 NE Black
Carson Halbower, 16 NE Black
Jovana Jovanovic, 16 NE Black
Alexis Laporte, 16 NE Black
Kelsie Ross, 16 NE Black
Allison Savinelli, 16 NE Black
Olivia Tibbetts, 16 NE Black
Katie Zotta, 16 NE Black

Emitayo Awofala, 16 NE Red
Madison Boyd, 16 NE Red
Giulianna Gionfriddo, 16 NE Red
Ava Greene, 16 NE Red
Eliza Jones, 16 NE Red
Leah Kagan, 16 NE Red
Samantha Morrow, 16 NE Red
Olivia Picard, 16 NE Red
Leah Suydam, 16 NE Red
Rebecca Trailor, 16 NE Red
Megan Wassick, 16 NE Red


Lindsey Abramson, 17 National
Emma Appleman, 17 National
Julia Bartiet, 17 National
Kacey Deecher, 17 National
Emily Dempsey, 17 National
Caitlyn Hart, 17 National
Paula Hernandez, 17 National
Camryn Luginbuhl, 17 National
Elsie Phillips, 17 National
Juliet Young, 17 National

Cate DiGiacomo, 17 Northeast
Haylee Granato, 17 Northeast
Rhiannon Hodovanec, 17 Northeast
Megan Kelleher, 17 Northeast
Elizabeth Long, 17 Northeast
Sofia Morales, 17 Northeast
Allie Nelson, 17 Northeast
Julia Noel, 17 Northeast
Sophia Noel, 17 Northeast
Jia Yazon, 17 Northeast

Baylee Braun, 17 New England
Molly Burns, 17 New England
Hanna Canfield, 17 New England
Lily Cortina, 17 New England
Elizabeth Diorio, 17 New England
Alexandra Flanagan, 17 New England
Olivia Klinzmann, 17 New England
Alex Kumm, 17 New England
Gabrielle McGovern, 17 New England
Haley Picard, 17 New England
Morgan Sanborn, 17 New England


Taylor Allen, 18 Grand Central
Mackenzie Anderson, 18 Grand Central
Sofia Barth, 18 Grand Central
Kenedi Clinton, 18 Grand Central
Kristen Dansereau, 18 Grand Central
Hunter Halbower, 18 Grand Central
Gaby Kozik, 18 Grand Central
Toni Lopez, 18 Grand Central
Julia O'Connor, 18 Grand Central
Allyson Tuxbury, 18 Grand Central
Lani Uyeno, 18 Grand Central
Ellen White, 18 Grand Central