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High Performance Tryouts 2020 - 2021

Thank you for trying out for the Husky Volleyball High Performance program in the 2020-2021 winter season. We've had more signups than ever and combined with "you know what" we are limiting the number of players in the gym at one time. That means more spread out tryouts.

Every player will get at least 2 tryouts and we will continue our tryouts beyond that in an effort to get a fair evaluation of all of our candidates.

Whether you have played with us for a few years or are new this year it's important to recognize that this winter will be a challenging season for the players, families, club and region and will require everyone to be more flexible than we would usually ask. There's no way around this and this may not be the season to play in our HP program if this presents too many challenges for you.

We do promise to share all the information that we have about tournament and practice schedules as soon as they are decided. Tournaments are outside of our control but we also may be faced with limiting the number of players in the gym at any time for practices as well. 

Here's our initial HP practice schedule. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will go in 2 waves (wave assignments will be released over the weekend).

Saturday, 11/21
9a-10:45a, Juniors, early
11a-12:45p, Juniors, late
1p-2:45p, Freshmen (same group as 5p-7p on Tuesday)
3p-4:45p, Freshmen (same group as 7:15p-9:15p on Tuesday)

Sunday, 11/22
9a-11a, Boys
11:15p-1p, Sophomores (same group as 5p-7p on Thursday)
1:15p-3p, Sophomores (same group as 7:15p-9:15p on Thursday)
3:15p-5:30p, Seniors
5:45p-7:45p, Juniors, all

(11/19/20, everything below here is on hold pending news on a possible team sports shutdown through 1/19/21)