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Boys Club

Fall/Winter Club Season

Husky Volleyball is one of the top Boys Volleyball club programs in New England.  The season runs from tryouts in the fall through the Regional Championships in March, with the option to re-convene the team after the high school season ends for a trip to either the USAV or AAU Jr National Championships.

Because boys start playing volleyball when they are older, we need your help in getting more younger players participating. Many of our players play just 1-2 years with us before they graduate. It’s up to all of you to help recruit your teammates (especially the younger ones) to play club volleyball this year.

Tournaments are either single-day events on Saturdays or multi-day events that span a weekend with tournament locations typically up to 1-2 hours from Hartford (1 way).  Each team practices approximately 3.5-4 hours per week (depending on the availability of team members and gym time). Some practices may be cancelled due to weather or by discretion of the coach (usually right before or after a multi day tournament for "load management")
Boys teams will mostly be practicing at our new 6 court facility in Newington however some team practices or strength sessions (if applicable) may be in our Windsor facility.

Program space is limited and all players may not be selected this year. We will make every effort to have a reasonably priced alternative for players not selected! Players that choose not to play if not selected will get a refund of all but $50 (tryout fee).

New for 2022-2023!

  • More Courts (6 courts in both Windsor and Newington)
  • Both teams will practice 2x a week on weekdays (so more practices)
  • An additional convention center tournament (the Volleyfest in either Springfield or Providence)
  • Custom sublimated shorts
  • 2 jerseys for 16/17/18 teams (1 jersey for 15 and under)
  • AAU Champions League tournaments
2022-2023 pricing available soon
  • Boys 10th-12th Grade, estimated at $1,200 (4 payments of $300)
  • Boys 9th grade and younger, estimated $900 (4 payments of $225)
2022-2023 Tryouts
  • Tryouts begin on Thursday, 10/20 (Windsor). Additional dates to be announced shortly but will continue on weekdays the following week.
Info You Need to Know!
  • Players will need to join USA Volleyball ($60) and maybe AAU ($16)
  • Club fee includes uniforms, coaching, gym time but travel expenses for players are not included/provided. For certain convention center tournaments (Boston, Providence) rooms are required to be booked through a tournament housing bureau.
  • Players that turn 18 during the season must take a free USOC online Safesport course to be eligible

2022-2023 Tournament Schedule

Tournament Dates Location
Wicked Good Challenge 12/17 and 12/18, 2022 (both days) Providence (Convention Center)
Winterfest 1/7 and 1/8, 2023 (both days) Hartford, CT (CT Convention Center)
NERVA 1 day All on Saturday, 1/28 All at either Den North or South except 15 Black (in Oxford, MA)
NERVA 1 day 2/4 or 2/5/23 tbd
Boys Northeastern Atlantic Bid (17 Smack only) 2/18-2/20 (all days) Spooky Nook, Manheim, PA
Volleyfest, Providence 2/18-2/20 (all days) All 18s, 17 Black, 17 White, Providence
Volleyfest, Springfield 2/18-2/20 (all days) 16/15/14s, Springfield
Boston Volleyball Festival (14's, 15's, 16's only) 2/24-2/26, 2023 (all 3 days) Boston (BCEC)
Boston Volleyball Festival (18/17) 3/3-3/5, 2022 (all 3 days) Boston (BCEC)
NERVA Championship 3/11 or 3/12 (1 day) see below

NERVA Championships day/location

Live Schedule on Sportwrench 

  • 15 Notorious, Saturday, 3/11, Worcesters State (MA), 8a start
  • 15 Black, Saturday, 3/11, Worcesters State (MA), 1p start
  • 16 Red Wolves, Saturday, 3/11, Holyoke Community College, 8:30a start
  • 16 Black, Saturday, 3/11, Worcesters State (MA), 8a start
  • 16 White, Saturday, 3/11, Worcesters State (MA), 8a start
  • 17 Smack, Sunday, 3/12, Den South (Newington), 1:30p start
  • 17 Black, Saturday, 3/11, Holyoke Community College, 8:30a start
  • 17 White,  Saturday, 3/11, Holyoke Community College, 8:30a start
  • 18 Shaka, Sunday, 3/12, Den South (Newington), 1:30p start
  • 18 Black, Saturday, 3/11, Holyoke Community College, 1:30p start
  • 18 White, Saturday, 3/11, Holyoke Community College, 1:30p start

*Only select teams will go to these optional tournaments:   USAV National Championships cost addition is TBD.