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Player Assignments

Here are the Husky beach court assignments. The beach program begins each night at 6:30p and will continue until around sunset (initially around 8:10-8:15p).

We will play in light rain but not thundershowers, please check our website (home page) for weather announcements before coming out if there's any question (weather announcements will be made by 5p each day). Friday is a common makeup day but we can also offer a limited number of "floating makeup days" where you can attend a different day if space is available.

Please email if you requested a partner and we missed it somehow. Other change requests will have to be completed after the first week.

If you ordered a volleyball you'll receive it on your first day. We will have permanent markers, please mark your ball immediately with your name and phone number as all the balls will be the same! You are welcome to use your ball at practice but we suggest using ours (we get a lot of balls left behind!)

Husky Volleyball (including beach courts) is at 50 Great Pond Dr. in Windsor, CT.

Session 2 2024 (starts week of 6/24)

(last updated 6/22, 12:25p)

Akhmedov, Sofia Wednesday
Alston, Gabriella Wednesday
Alvarez, Isabella  Monday
Alward, Hanna Thursday
Anne, Ishira Tuesday
Ayotte, Madeleine Thursday
Baldwin, Marlowe Wednesday
bania, kendall Tuesday
Bantle, Abigail Monday
BARD, Charlotte  Tuesday
Bean, Reagan Monday
Beaulieu , Luc Thursday
Bennett, Kadi  Thursday
Bennett, Reagan Thursday
Bertuglia, Raegan Tuesday
Blakeslee, Abigail Tuesday
Bouabid, Maya Monday
Brassaw, Ssabella, Wednesday
Bravo, Yanice Wednesday
Brockett , Autumn Monday
Brook, Kiki Tuesday
Burhoe, Charlotte Wednesday
Caceres, Lola Monday
Carter, Andre Wednesday
Cavalier, Samantha  Thursday
Cela, Gabriella Tuesday
Cheema, Zoya Monday
Chernik, Evan Wednesday
Chinthapalli, Mahesh Thursday
Claflin , Shion  Wednesday
Cooper, Sakina Wednesday
Cosby, Mattea Monday
Costa Liebano, Rafael Thursday
Cox, Alyssa  Monday
Cunningham, Gabby  Thursday
Deepa senthil kumar, Shriniketh  Thursday
Diana, Gloria Tuesday/Wednesday
DiGiacomo, Isabella Wednesday
Dombek, Madison  Monday
Dudek, Caitlin  Monday
Dudek, Tessa  Monday
Ferguson, Evelyn Tuesday
Fernando, Senuli Wednesday
Fieldhouse, Maya Thursday
Flaum, Riley Tuesday
Fluder, Anna Tuesday
France, Abigail Tuesday
France, Ava Tuesday
Gately, Eoin Thursday
Giri, Hasnie Monday
Grabarczyk, Ala Tuesday
Handel, April Thursday
Haroun, Mariam Wednesday
Highsmith, DeeDee Monday
Holmes, Lily  Wednesday
Howard, Emily Tuesday/Thursday
Irizarry, Natalia Monday
Jacques-Snow, Tessa Wednesday
Jerome, Camilla Thursday
Jerr, Owen Thursday
Jones, Ingrid Thursday
Kelly , Makiyah  Tuesday
Klimkiewicz, Alaina Wednesday
Kline, Neve Wednesday
Koneru, Dee Wednesday
Korkmaz, Alexandra Wednesday
Korkutovic , Sumeja Tuesday
Kuester, Clementine Tuesday
Kukulka, Nandin Tuesday
Kumar, Aashi Wednesday
Lam, Ryan Thursday
Lamattina, Delphine Tuesday/Thursday
Lamattina, Francesca Monday/Thursday
Lamere, Mariah Thursday
Laverty, Kathryn Monday
Lavoie, Rebecca  Monday
Le, Savannah Monday
Lentocha , Addison  Thursday
Letitia, Vivien Tuesday
Liburdi, Ariel Wednesday
Lines, Tatyana Thursday
Lord, Jocelyn Tuesday/Wednesday
Lowe, Ashton Monday
Luangpraseuth, Ioana Monday
Luna, Logan Thursday
Magri, Isabella Thursday
Marques, Alexis Monday
McCaffrey, Elsie Monday
McCarthy, Hailey Thursday
Miller, Jordan Thursday
Mills, Beckham Wednesday
mirko, alice Wednesday
Mockalis, Ania Monday
Montana, Sidney Monday
Montes, Gabriella  Monday
Montesi, Leah Tuesday
Mordasiewicz, Adrian Thursday
Mosca, Lauren Monday
Mosca, Leah Monday
Narwat, Victoria Monday
Ohea, Lucy Wednesday
Okun, Natalie  Tuesday
Pagan, Sofia Monday
Palmer, Kathleen Monday
Parent, Jeremy  Thursday
Pasaogullari, Ozge Tuesday
Pathammavong, Mason Wednesday
Pathammavong, Siena Wednesday
Pedzich, Gabriel Wednesday
Petras-Lkhayer , Tessa Wednesday
Piechota , Riley Tuesday
Pienkowski , Alyvia  Thursday
Pinott, Skye  Tuesday
Pletcher, Cameron Wednesday
Quraishi, Alisha  Tuesday/Thursday
Reamer, Maggie Tuesday
Reck, Griffin Wednesday
Reilly, Molly Tuesday
Reilly, Sage Thursday
Richter, Lea Monday
Robillard, Hallie Monday
Rocco, Evie Tuesday/Wednesday
Rosario, Marley  Wednesday
Rosario, Shaira  Tuesday
Rossitto, Desiree Monday
Ruane, Molly Wednesday
Saloomey , Boh Wednesday
Sattan, Makenna Monday
Schechterle, Kendall Thursday
Senh, Kevin Thursday
Shrestha, Reva Monday
Sipes , Leila Thursday
Soucy, Brooke Tuesday
Stefanik, Kira Monday
Stefanik, Taryn Monday
Stpierre, Ashlee Wednesday
Suplita, Tobias Wednesday
Susanin, Elle Monday
Swett, Lily Monday
Tanyag, Sharie Tuesday
Taridona, Delia Monday
Tenesaca, Isabella  Tuesday
Toennes, Cori Wednesday
Trainor, Kaia Wednesday
Tucker, Molly Tuesday/Thursday
vanbeek , Alyana Thursday
Vesce, Ryan Thursday
Vincent , Charlotte Thursday
Waddington, Ian Wednesday
Walsh, Aidan Thursday
Whipple, Riley Tuesday
Xayachack, Hazel Tuesday
Yadav, Aarushi  Wednesday
Young, Tessa Monday