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Player assignments

Here are the Husky beach court assignments. The beach program begins each night at 6:30p and will continue until 8:20p (around sunset). Later in the season we will have to end a little earlier due to darkness. We will play in light rain, please check our website for weather announcements before coming out if there's any question. Friday will be the scheduled makeup day.

Please email if you requested a partner and we missed it somehow. Other change requests will have to be completed after the first week.

If you ordered a volleyball you'll receive it on your first day. We will have permanent markers, please mark your ball immediately with your name and phone number as all the balls will be the same! You are welcome to use your ball at practice or one that we provide.

(updated, 6/8/21, 3pm)

Albrecht, Paris  Tuesday
Alicea, Alyzza Tuesday
Alicea, Isabella  Tuesday
Alva, Adriana Tuesday
Alvarez, Isabella  Thursday
Andrews, Ava Tuesday
Arcaro, Allie Monday
Arnold, Gwen Thursday
Aube, Ava  Tuesday
Ball, Emily Tuesday
Ball, Megan Tuesday
Beigel, Liza  Monday
Belanger, Lauren Monday
Blancato, Anabella Tuesday
Bonin, Morgan Wednesday
Borden, Erin Tuesday
Borre, Lila Thursday
Buchanan, Betsy Monday
Buczynski, Nina Monday
Carl, Lindsey Tuesday
Casazola, Amy Monday
Caucci, Gabriela  Monday
Chagnon, LoLa Tuesday
Chakravorty, Priyanshi Tuesday
Chalfant, Alejandro Wednesday
Chalfant, Elena Wednesday
chiu, michelle Thursday
Clark, Sydney Wednesday
Colonis, Marina Thursday
Corbett-Cousin, Lachlan Wednesday
Dayton, Stephen  Wednesday
Deane, Olivia Thursday
Delvecchio, Celia Thursday
Devin, Jenna Thursday
DiGiacomo, Danielle Wednesday
Dilion, Stephania Monday
Disabella, Kylee Monday
Downey, Bailey Thursday
Doyle, Ava Tuesday
Dziekan, Linnea Wednesday
Eldredge, Sarah Monday
fecho, lani Wednesday
Feige, Lauren Monday
Ferreira, Kendall Monday
Field, Catherine Monday
Flaherty, Kiley Thursday
France, Mason Wednesday
Gahres, Sophia Monday
Gardner, Kenzie Tuesday
George, Isabella Tuesday
Giliberto, Eva Tuesday
Greene, Abigail  (Abbey) Wednesday
Greene, Cassidy  Thursday
Hall, Emma Thursday
Hansen, Emma Thursday
Hartland, Julian Wednesday
Hartland, Lucas Wednesday
Heinze, Clare Tuesday
Hemingway , Melissa Tuesday
Hernsdorf, Eleanor Tuesday
Hussain , Ariana  Thursday
Inyatkin , Marina Tuesday
Jeram, Owen Wednesday
Kaszubinski, Chloe Wednesday
Kaufhold, Shawn Wednesday
Kline, Jayme Wednesday
Lamson, Kelsey Monday
Lavoie, Rebecca  Monday
Lavoie, Sarah Monday
Leon, Tatiana  Thursday
Liegl, Olivia  Monday
Lilback, Elena Thursday
Lilback, Matti Wednesday
Long, Alexandra  Thursday
Maher, Abby Thursday
Maher, Sarah Thursday
Maisto, Jillian Monday
Manning, Justine Thursday
Marinaro, Hannah Monday
McCaffrey, Flynn Monday
Mieczkowski, Ava Thursday
Migneault, Devin Wednesday
Mik, Jordyn Tuesday
Milikowski, Brooke Monday
Miner, Audrey Wednesday
Mojica, Dorisabel Tuesday
Mola, Avery Thursday
Monier-Williams, Jolie Wednesday
Morris, Anna Thursday
Mugovero , Erica Wednesday
Muraski, Lena Tuesday
Musshorn, Taylor Thursday
Nash, Savannah Monday
Nguyen, Lily Wednesday
OBrien, Sean  Wednesday
OBrien, Shannon  Monday
Oliver, Naomi Monday
Patrissi, Piper Thursday
Pereira, Emily Thursday
pereira, sophia  Thursday
Perry, Lilly Monday
Pfanzelt, Emma  Monday
Piller, Anderson Wednesday
Piller, Brenna Thursday
Plaut, Jillian Monday
Potvin, Sienna Tuesday
Potvin, Summer Tuesday
Quraishi, Zahara Tuesday
Rigatti, Sara Thursday
Rittlinger , Lola Monday
Rittlinger , Lucia  Monday
Rodriguez, Eva M. Tuesday
Ross, Gwenyth Monday
Rossi, Lillian Monday
Rullan-Irizarry, Lucero Tuesday
Safryn, Jeremy Wednesday
Safryn, Veronica  Thursday
Scheer, Suzette Monday
Scheuy, Amanda Wednesday
Scotti, Olivia Tuesday
Sevillano, Elyssa Monday
Sharpe, AJ Tuesday
Sierra, Yarieshka Tuesday
Silverstein, Rachel Wednesday
Smith, Madison Monday
Smith, Megan Wednesday
Smith, Sydney Tuesday
Sono, Alessandra  Wednesday
Spence, Mia Tuesday
Squier, Elizabeth  Thursday
Stabach , Annabelle  Thursday
Stewart, Kiera Monday
Stirt, Madison Wednesday
Sullivan, Keira Monday
Thomas, Danejah Thursday
Thompson, Katie Monday
Thrall, Margaret Thursday
Tkachuk-K, Julia Tuesday
Totten, Audrey Monday
Trovato, Summer Wednesday
Valenches, Kayla Thursday
Verastegui , Dayanara  Wednesday
Vincenzo , Geena Tuesday
Von Hassel, Lauren Wednesday
Wessels, Camilla Thursday
Wild, Sara Tuesday
Wilkes, Kiera Thursday
Winchester, Skylar Wednesday
Worth, Ruby Tuesday
Worthen, Autumn  Thursday
Worthen, Autumn  Tuesday
Zadrozny, Aubrey Tuesday
Zima, Grace Monday
Zucks, Lily Wednesday
Zucks, Nina Wednesday