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Open League Qualifier 2019



  • Tickets are now available online at
  • SIGNIFICANT Discounts are offered when purchased online at ANY TIME.
  • When you purchase online or onsite, you will receive a QR code ticket.
  • Each spectator will need to present their individual QR code ticket along with a corresponding photo ID.
  • The QR Code and your ID must be presented each time you wish to enter the facility
    • These are your tickets!
    • QR Codes will be scanned prior to entry and each re-entry.
  • Minors who do not have an ID must be accompanied by a ticketed adult.
    (If necessary, a printed copy out of the QR code ticket can be presented.)
  • Online price is $20 for a weekend pass and $10 for a daily pass (available online through the duration of the event!)
  • On Site price is $30 for a weekend pass and $15 for a daily pass
  • Children 10 & under are free, but must be be accompanied by a ticketed adult at all times.
  • Players gain entry with their jersey.


Parking and screening info (please read)

Tournament Sites

  1. All matches will be played in the Springfield Mass Mutual Center in the Exhibit Hall.
  2. A link to directions and Parking info is on the tournament web site at



Athletic Trainers
We have athletic trainers scheduled during match play at all times to take care of minor injuries and supply ice. Athletes will need to bring their own tape and pre-wrap if they need an ankle or other body part taped before a match.