Girls Schedule 2013-2014

Practices on Sundays for 2/16 and beyond are back to our regular schedule!

Regular Schedule

14 Cathy, The Den, 9a-11a
14 Ken Brown, The Den, 9a-11a
14 Jon Bui, The Den, 9a-11a
15 Joline, The Den, 9a-11a
15 Sarah B, The Den, 11a-1p
15 Lindsay, The Den, 11a-1p
15 Lisa/Brian, Star Hill, 10a-12n
15 Sarah H., Star HIll, 12n-2p
15 Jackie/Sarah, Star HIll, 12n-2p
14 Lauren, Star Hill, 12n-2p
16 Kathy/Melanie, The Den, 11a-1p (playing on 3/9)
18 Jim, Star Hill, 10a-12n
18 Pete, Star Hill, 10a-12n
18 Traci/Kristina, The Den, 11a-1p
18 Matt W, The Den, 11a-1p
18 Erin, The Den, 11a-1p
16 Kaitlyn/Heather, The Den, 1p-3p
16 Lindsay/Alex, The Den, 1p-3p
16 Glenn, The Den, 1p-3p
15 Michelle, The Den, 1p-3p
15 Kara, The Den, 1p-3p
16 Kevin, The Den, 1p-3p
16 Ashley, The Den, 3p-5p
16 Mariel, The Den, 3p-5p (playing on 3/9)
15 Chris, The Den, 3p-5p

Star Hill is at 100 Gerber Dr. Tolland, CT
Loomis Chaffee Olcott Gym, 4 Batchelder Rd in Windsor, CT

Regional Teams

3/2/14, NERVA 1 Tournament
3/16/14, NERVA 2
3/30/14, NERVA 3
4/13/14, NERVA 4
5/4/14, NERVA Championships

National, Northeast and New England teams (HP level)

All 15 HP Teams, Saturday, 12/29** (changed to Sunday), New Year’s Tournament at The Den
All 16 HP Teams, Sunday, 12/29, New Year’s Tournament at The Den
1/18-1/20/14, Winterfest (Hartford) for all HP teams
14/15/17 play in the AM Wave (8a-2p)
16/18 play in the PM Wave (3p-9p)

2/1-2/2/2014 Open League Qualifier  (18’s and 17’s) for National/Northeast
2/8-2/9/2014, Open League Qualifier, 16 National/Northeast/New England and 15 National all at The Den
2/15-2/17, Capitol City Classic (Washington DC) for National
3/8-3/9/14, Boston Pre-Qualifier Tournament (new this year) for Northeast and New England
3/2/14, NERVA 1 Tournament
3/16/14, NERVA 2
3/30/14, NERVA 3
4/13/14, NERVA 4
4/12-4/14, NEQ (Philadelphia) for 15 HP National and HP 16 National** (change for HP 16)
4/18-4/20/14 (Easter), NEQ (Philadelphia) for 17/18 National and Northeast only
5/4/14, NERVA Championships

(Northeast teams will play on Memorial Day weekend at either Happy Volley/Penn State or East Coast Championships/Pittsburgh)

(National teams will play in one of these below)
late June, AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL
early July, USAV Nationals in Minneapolis, MN