Husky Volleyball, home of the 2013 #2 16’s teams in New England, 2012 top ranked 17 and under team in New England, 2011 16 and under New England Champion

Below you’ll find a lot of information on our teams, plus you can also read our Q&As. Comparing clubs? Check out our guide below.

Returning players will notice some price changes this year. We always try to make things as affordable as possible, but after holding prices almost flat for the past 3 years we needed to make a bit of a hike this year. The regional teams will get more training this season (including more play!) and the HP teams are adding tournaments. We always want to give you the most we can! You definitely will see changes for the better!

Husky Volleyball had 14 teams last season that had 2 or more practices per week. If you’re looking for more play, this is the only place to be. As a Husky Volleyball player you’ll also be able to attend free open play nights and take advantage of our special position training clinics that will be offered this season.

Regional team Q&A

HP team Q&A

Comparing Clubs?

New Programs for 2013-2014

Freshmen Information page
Sophomore Information page
Junior Information page
Senior Information page

Regional HP National (#1 team / age group) HP Northeast /
HP New England
(all players must additionally pay $45 for a USA Volleyball membership prior to evaluations)
$780 18, $1800 (est.)
17, $2200 (est.)
16, $2200 (est.)
15, $1600 (est.)
18, $1200-$1600 est
17, $1200-$1600 est
16, $1200-$1600 est
15, $1200-$1600 est
14, $800-$1000 est
Tryout/Eval fee
(add to payment, 16/17/18 HP players should be $875 prior to tryouts)
$0 $50 for 16/17/18
No tryout fee for 15 or 14.
$50 for 16/17/18
No tryout fee for 15 or 14.
Practices weekly(starting in Dec) 1 (Sunday) 2-3 (weekdays, although may be one weekday and one Sunday depending on player availability) 2
(full schedule still under construction and subject to change)
4-5 (depends on team finish) plus 2 intra-club playdays(regional teams play almost the equivalent of the whole high school JV season!) –     5 NERVA
–     3 day Winterfest
–     2 day NERVA Open League Qualifier
–     3 day Northeast Qualifier (18/17/16 in Philly, 15 in Baltimore)
–      2-3 tournament tba (Capitol City Classic in DC)
– AAU or US Junior Nationals
–     5 NERVA
–     3 day Winterfest
–     2 day NERVA Open League Qualifier
–     2 day tournament tba (most likely Boston)
– Happy Volley or East Coast Championship (Memorial Day Weekend)

You may have more questions, many are probably answered on our Q&A pages or on our “Should I try out for HP or Regional” page

First, don’t be confused by the age definitions, almost all the players fit in the following age groups by grade:

12th grade = 18’s
11th grade = 17’s
10th grade = 16’s
9th grade = 15’s
8th grade = 14’s
7th grade = 13’s
6th grade an younger = check in with us

There are some exceptions, your age group is determined by how old you are on August 31st following the club season (so for the 2013-2014 season your age division is how old you are on 8/31/14).  If you are a little young in your grade, you’ll still play with players in your grade. If you’re a little old, you may have to play with some girls a bit older (that happens with less than 1% of the girls). Also, we do have some mixed age group teams as players are assigned by ability and position.

Regional Teams

  • $825 for 9th grade or older ($780 plus $45 USAV fee)
  • $600 for 8th grade or younger ($555 plus $45 USAV fee)
  • Family discounts are available, please check the registration page for details.
  • Players are generally looking to improve their high school level game, players that are seriously looking to play in college should consider the Husky High Performance program (described below)
  • Regional tryouts begin the first Sunday in December (you should attend all tryout dates) and the season ends either the last week in April or the first week in May.
  • Teams will be finalized after the last tryout in late December
  • We will form as many teams as we can and are only limited by gym space and coaches
  • Practices are about 2 hours long each week
  • We will have a few playdays in advance of the tournament season (at home or nearby)
  • You will play in 2 tournaments in March and 2 in April that will be against teams region-wide (New England), those sites are usually within 90 minutes of Hartford (sometimes further). Tournaments will not require an overnight stay, tournament entry time is usually 8:30am. We don’t have any control over where are teams are sent (we usually host 8+ courts each tournament date) as they are scheduled by the region.
  • Teams are roughly chosen by ability and position, playing time is roughly equal
  • Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments

High Performance Team Information and Fees

  • Family discounts are available, please check the registration page for details.
  • Players should be standouts on their high school teams, show high potential (through athleticism, height or vertical jump) or have a very strong desire to improve! (that’s the most important one!).
  • Teams practice twice weekly (some teams practice 2 weekdays, others practice on Sunday and a weekday. Gym time permitting, all HP teams will have all of of their practices on weekdays).  15/14 HP teams will likely have 1 weekday practice and 1 Sunday practice.
  • Tryouts begin on Sunday 11/17/13 for 16’s, 17’s and 18’s teams.  HP 15/14 tryouts begin on Sunday, 12/1/13.
  • Teams are selected only by ability (carpools won’t be considered)
  • We will only form teams at levels that we expect to be competitive.
  • There will be several tournaments that require an overnight stay (NERVA Open League tournaments and qualifiers, Northeast Qualifier (NEQ) in Philadelphia on Easter weekend for 18’s and 17’s) HP 15/14 will not play on Easter Weekend and will have 1 overnight tournament at most.
  • Travel expenses are not included! That would include hotels and meals. More information on estimated costs will be provided at tryouts.
  • HP teams will be playing on Sat/Sun/Mon on MLK weekend at the CT Convention Center. Once started the tournament will be played regardless of weather so staying nearby is highly recommended.
  • Playing time at tournaments is more based upon ability, attitude, performance, attendance/dedication. Every player should receive sufficient playing time at tournaments if they attend practices and compete hard at them.
  • The higher cost is primarily due to substantially more practice time, tournament entry fees, coaches travel expenses.

What’s the Husky Volleyball Program Philosophy?

  • The outcome of the game is not the most important objective. The most important objective is that the players try to win and try their best. If they do their best, they will be successful, regardless of the outcome of the match.
  • Self-determination and teamwork! The players must learn from the beginning not to be misled by the “self” in self-determination. The team is the most important self-determining entity. The learned attitude of self-determination and it’s application in everyday life is one of the most valuable skills that can be taught in our program.
  • The players are the center of the team, not the coach. The players are taught that they make the choice to excel, but that that choice can’t be made on game day. The choice to excel is made in and out of practice every day.-