Thanks for signing up for Husky Volleyball! Here’s what you should to do right now!

  • If you played for any USAV club last year, go to this page on how to renew your USA Volleyball membership. If there’s a problem with the system and you can’t create a login, just create a new account by using the link below (for players that are new this year).
    If you are new to USA Volleyball this year go here
  • USAV Signup tips:
    – pick 1 year membership (not 1 day!)
    – choose club as “Husky Juniors”
    – pay your USA Volleyball fee online using a credit card ($50), email if you don’t have a card available (you can send that to us). You must have a USA Volleyball membership to tryout and it is not refundable once you pay it! You must have paid for it at least 2 days prior to your first tryout.

Making club dues payments:

  • How much to pay? If you are trying out for 16/17/18 HP pay $450 prior to tryouts ($50 tryout fee is included, if you aren’t selected for an HP team we apply $400 to your regional team dues. If for any reason you choose not to play Husky Volleyball then we’ll refund $400).
  • We are now offering a Payment Plan for all Husky Volleyball players.  Click here for information.
  • Send a check to: Husky Volleyball, 12 Emily Rd. Marlborough, CT 06447. (We prefer a check if possible, more money for the club to put towards volleyball instead of to the credit card companies!)
  • You can use your credit card at
  • Or you can use a credit card at and “send money” to